The Galapagai International music festival will gather music listeners on the unique island of Lake Zarasas on the last weekend of July to enjoy the performances of foreign stars Röyksopp Dj Set, SIGMA Dj Set, July Jones, and Lithuanian music stars will be joined by such names as Vaidas Baumila, Rūta MUR, Beatrich, “Despotin FAM”, Pijus Opera, Gamka, Ade, Alekna, “Meandi”, “Girių dvasios” and Kamuza and “b4 u ask”!
For the first time, Vaidas Baumila, one of the most famous and talented Lithuanian performers, will try the stage of the “Galapagai” festival! Having recently been invited to the biggest show of his career in the “Zalgiris” arena, this year he won many music awards and will come to the island of Lake Zarasas on the last weekend of July to share his sincere communication and the most famous hits with the festival visitors!

At the “Galapagai” festival, Rūta MUR, who woke up from her cowboy dream, will also perform! Currently, an artist who has no analogues in the world, who looks for creative inspirations in the romantic melancholy of the 80s, has just presented her latest album “Prime Time” to her fans, and it seems that now is the best time to discover this nostalgic music from the future! At the festival, Rūta MUR’s unique timbre will move the listeners’ bodies to dance and the deepest emotions.


Last time, the Lithuanian performer who was not only a “superstar” but also a “rockstar” proved herself on the stage of the Galapagai festival in 2018. And then there were many concerts all over the world, work with foreign producers, living abroad and new hits. And here we are, after a break of several years, on the last weekend of July, we will catch Beatrich at the festival on the island of Lake Zarasas, to enjoy her rock and roll energy!


Germanas Daškevičius – Gamka, who appeared at the Galapagai festival for the first time a year ago, returns to it. Already a year ago, it became clear that Gamka is not like that, his Palace is Forests, and his soul is washed by Cold waves. The artist put the whirlwind of feelings of the past years into his latest album “Uraganas”, which evolves from coldwave-discorock to sythwave-punkdreampop music sounds, and everything else appears in them, from a refined and elaborated melody to musical motifs that invite you to join the elements of nature together. Together, we hope to experience them in the form of music at the festival!


On the last weekend of July, we will move with a different musical rhythm together with the rap collective “Despotin FAM”. The family of the collective – producer and arranger Vitalijs Vaiper, sound engineer and lyricist Paulius Shmekla Sugintas, freestyle master Justas Liezhuvis Rudžianskas have together released four full albums, a dozen singles, and in Galapagai we will hear everything from the oldest works to the hits of the album “Toli-Gražu” and latest creations! Those who have been to the festival during their performance know for sure that it is worth it!


At the Galapagai festival, every year we can hear many artists from the hip hop scene, this year is no exception! In addition to the already announced names such as “G&G Sindikatas”, “8 Kambarys”, Konstantinas Lilas and the newly announced “Despotin FAM”, the festival will allow you to enjoy the work of the colorful rapper who creates hip-hop/RnB music – “Meandi”, and hear the young of the next generation rap artist Pijus Opera, who has just presented a new work and set an incredible record – 10 hours of non-stop rap improvisation. One of the most important figures of Lithuanian rap, an independent music creator – Ade, as well as Alekna and Kamuza will appear at the festival!


Moving from the rap scene, on the island of Lake Zarasas, full of various genres of music, it will be possible to discover the nostalgic pop/punk rock band “b4 u ask”, while the sounds of dub/techno music will be spread by a unique electronic music project created back in 2009 by the talented artist Evaldas Azbukauskas, inspired by Lithuanian nature, forests and ancient Baltic culture and well known to many under the name “Girių dvasios”.

Impressive views of nature, a group of friends and rhythms of different genres of music. The international festival “Galapagai” promises such a formula for happiness on the last weekend of July, already on July 28-30, on the big island of Zarasas Lake.