General provisions:

  • The start of the festival: Visitors to the festival are only allowed to enter the festival area from Friday, July 26, 2019. 9 AM.
  • End of the festival: 2019, July 28 at 12 AM.
  • According to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, alcoholic beverages will only be sold to persons over 20 years of age.
  • It is prohibited to bring alcoholic or narcotic substances into / to the festival territory;
  • Persons who are intoxicated with alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances may not be admitted to the festival area.
  • People who are intoxicated with alcohol or narcotic substances, aggressive people or maliciously hindering the work of the festival organizers and the smooth running of the festival can be eliminated from festival area without right to come back.
  • Each Participant in the Festival (a person who enters the Festival area) agrees unconditionally and undertakes to comply with these rules.


Rights and obligations of the participants of the festival:

  • All participants of the Festival are responsible for their health and safety. Participants of the festival must respect the rights and legitimate interests of other participants.
  • Participants of the Festival, entering the territory of the Festival, are themselves responsible for the safety of their belongings, their loss or damage.
  • The participant of the festival agrees that the organizer will film and photograph the Festival throughout the Festival territory and subsequently use all material for advertising purposes in any way and in any media for an indefinite period.
  • Participants of the festival agree and do not object to being searched before entering the active and / or recreational area. Participants who carry prohibited items and / or other objects dangerous to the public will not be admitted to the Festival territory, despite the fact that they have purchased a ticket to the Festival.
  • For their own safety, participants of the festival must follow the instructions of the persons responsible for the safety of the Festival. Participants of the Festival may be expelled from the Festival territory without the right to enter the Festival later for non-fulfillment of these orders (their wristbands can be cut off).
  • In the territory of the Festival, without the written consent of the organizer, it is prohibited to carry out any commercial and / or promotional activities.
  • Participants of the Festival are prohibited from burning fire, using fireplaces, barbecues or other things that are related to the burning of fire in or around the Festival area.
  • Participants of the festival must be careful in water, do not overestimate their ability to go bathing in the lake, or performing any other water activities. Especially if they are intoxicated by alcohol or any other substances and during the night (from 10:00PM).


It is prohibited to bring in the territory of the festival:

  • Narcotic or other psychotropic substances, as well as measures for their consumption;
  • Alcoholic drinks;
  • Food or liquid in a glass container (any kind of glass containers);
  • Any kind of weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics, extremely flamable materials;
  • Aggressive, Dangerous Dogs.
  • Any promotional material that is not permitted by the organizer
  • Grill, barbecue, gas cooker, shashlik and any similar items
  • Dogs must have a gait, regardless of breed or pet size. Dogs must have a leash, collar with the owner’s contacts.
  • Bathhouses, tubs or similar items


It is prohibited to bring in the active zone of the festival:

  • Food and beverages in any container (in order to ensure your safety. In the active zone there will be trading points where you can buy food and drink in a suitable and safe container);
  • Professional audio and video equipment (excluding accredited persons);
  • Things that are dangerous to your safety and the safety of others (eg sharp, heavy objects).


Tickets and Wristband:

  • At the ticket point (at the entrance to the festival) Festival Participant‘s ticket will be converted into a special wristband which will be a personal ticket during the festival. It is strictly forbidden to transfer a wristband to other persons. The wristband must be worn the entire festival time.  If a wristband is damaged or torn off, it is considered invalid.
  • Festival tickets are unchanged and non-refundable.
  • Persons without a wristband or with a damaged wristband will be not allowed to stay in the festival area.
  • Persons under 20 years are not sold alcoholic beverages and are not allowed to conusme them. Visitors of the festival, having confirmed their personal identity documents (passport / ID / rights), will be able to collect special bracelets at the INFO center, which will enable them to be served faster at the festival’s bars.

General Camping rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to create fireplaces or barbecues on the territory of the festival.
  • The festival is environmentally friendly, so please be so kind and respect this. Trash bins will be arranged in the camping teritory and throughout the festival area – please be kind and throw out your garbage there!
  • You can ask volunteers or event info centers if you have missed out on garbage bags. We are happy to help you.


Festival Organiser will not allow to the festival:

  • Persons who are affected by alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances
  • Persons who carry arms or other dangerous items, explosives, psychotropic substances, flammable substances or alcoholic beverages;
  • Persons who behave aggressively, brutally and may endanger other participants in the Festival;
  • Minors without adult attendance;
  • Persons who do not have any valid personal documents.


Festival Safety:

  • Participants of the festival commit to respect other participants and do their best to ensure safety of themselves and those arround. It is strictly forbidden to disturb the infrastructure, signs, advertising stands and other equipment located on the territory of the Festival.
  • The employees of the Festival Security Service and Organisers are entitled to:
  1. check tickets / bracelets;
  2. Verify the identity documents of the participants of the Festival in order to determine their identity and / or age;
  3. check the items, bags, backpacks, clothes, including pockets of the participants of the Festival, if there are suspicions that the participant attempts to bring in unauthorized items to the Festival territory, to seize these objects and inform the relevant services if necessary;
  4. To use force in defense of the rights and safety of other participants of the Festival, or in the case of self-defense, and also to ensure the safety of the items in the Festival.
  • The organizer reserves the right to remove persons who do not comply with the rules of the festival from the festival territory. The police or other services might be informed about violations.


Final Provisions:

  • In unplanned circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the program of the event.
  • These rules can be changed unilaterally by the organizer’s decision. They are placed on the official website of the Festival and in the information centers located in the Festival area.