Will the weather be good? It always is!

Are dogs allowed into the festival area? Of course, but only if a dog is friendly and stays by the owner’s side.

How much alcohol is one allowed to bring into the festival area? It is strictly prohibited to bring any alcoholic drinks to the Festival area.

Are glass containers allowed? Glass containers are strictly prohibited in the festival area.

Are the visitors allowed to build campfires? It is prohibited to build an individual campfire. 

Will it be possible to purchase festival merchandise? Yes.

Is photo / video equipment allowed? Only personal, amateur photo / video equipment is allowed. Professional equipment is strictly prohibited.

Are the visitors allowed to bring food / alcohol to the camping area? Yes, visitors are allowed to bring only food  (referred to above) to the camping are, but only if it is not in a glass container. It is strictly prohibited to carry any food into the active area. If you leave the active area carrying food / alkohol you won’t be allowed back with it.