Impressive views of nature, 5 scenes on an island surrounded by Lake Zaras, a group of friends and the rhythms of different genres of music. The Galapagai International Festival promises such a formula for happiness on the last weekend of July. Today the festival announced that foreign stars of the festival Röyksopp Dj Set, SIGMA Dj Set, July Jones and Lithuanian “G&G Sindikato”, Evgenya Redko, “Sisters On Wire” and the group “Kamanių Šilelis” will be joined by an even more colorful group of performers! On July 28-30, festival gathered on the big island of Lake Zaras will be heated by such music names as: “8 Kambarys”, Konstantinas Lilas, “FC Baseball”, “jautì”, AISTÈ and “Baltic Balkan”!

“I have a long-standing friendship with the Galapagai festival. I have tried all the stages of the festival! I am very happy that the festival is returning to Zarasas Island, for me it is one of the most beautiful and summery corners in Lithuania. A very beautiful and sentimental weekend awaits”, says Konstantinas Lilas, who is returning to the Galapagai festival with a solo project of alternative hip hop, with which he released his debut album “Nothing is Real” in 2022, and a few days ago he presented the new single from autumn upcoming album.

In 2019, the group “8 Kambarys” of artists Talaz and Corsalis, celebrating their 10th birthday this year, had their first acquaintance with the big stage of the festival! They return to the festival having collected several “M.A.M.A” awards and passed the tests in their biggest show – Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. In 2023, the group is preparing to present their third solo album, and until then, you can expect their energetic performance on the island of Lake Zaras!

On the island of Lake Zarasas, on the last weekend of July, it will be possible to see Tautvydas Gaudėšius – FC Baseball – telling magical stories with his music. “I sing about parties, and girls, and pride, and sins, and the feeling after them. But I always understood my mission to write in such a way that the listener would experience what is being sung. To be free and to share that freedom with the listener”, FC Baseball shares his thoughts about his work.

One of the most famous Lithuanian rock bands, which in six years of its existence managed to release 7 albums, organize 300 concerts and in 2022 won the best rock band of the year awards and even go crazy in Vingio Park, warming up “Måneskin” on one stage, will create an even different, somewhat stronger mood at the festival. Yes, yes, we will have fun on the island of Lake Zaras with a group – “jautì”!

For the first time at the Galapagai festival and one of the first concerts in Lithuania – the London-based artist AISTÈ! A powerful voice, soul and gospel music genres, Woodstock spirit and AISTÈS, who herself looks like she stepped off the 70s stage, the show is sure to be one of the best Galapagai festival discoveries for all festival visitors!

All those who have spent the morning tripping in the legendary Circus tent at the Galapagai festival, know the best words to describe what happens when they appear at the festival – “Baltic Balkan”! It will definitely be repeated this year!

“Baltic Balkan” trios: Linas Starkus-Lencas, Linas Masys-Namas and Marius Kneipferavičius-Marulis are known not only to Lithuanians visiting festivals, but also to foreigners, because “Baltic Balkan” regularly plays at festivals in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere. The most important feature of this trio: Lenco, fictional language created on the spot, the charm and uniqueness of improvisation. Everyone who has been at their show will unanimously agree that it is an unusual show, it is a state!

Different genres of music, several music stages, the height of summer, surrounded by spectacular nature and a multi-thousand crowd diving into the festival’s adventures! All this and more already on July 28-30, at the Galapagai festival! More Galapagai Festival shows coming soon!