Festival Rules

General Rules of the Festival:

The visitors are allowed to enter the festival area from 9am, Friday. The visitors are not allowed to bring with themselves any alcoholic drinks. GLASS CONTAINERS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN ALL FESTIVAL AREA!!!


Individuals who are drunk and / or under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances, may not be allowed to enter the festival area.
Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aggressive individuals or the ones disturbing the work of the organizers and preventing the festival from running smoothly may be escorted from the festival area.

The following items are strictly prohibited from being brought to the festival area:
Drugs or other psychotropic substances and the instruments involved in their usage.
Alcohol beverages.
Food or liquids in glass containers.
Weapons of all kinds.
Aggressive, dangerous dogs.
All dogs must have a muzzle, regardless of their breed or size. All dogs must have collars with their owners’ contacts.

The following items are strictly prohibited from being brought to the active area:
Food and beverages (we are trying to ensure your safety). The active zone will have outlets where the visitors will be able to purchase food and drinks in suitable and secure containers.
Professional audio and video equipment (except for accredited individuals)
Items that pose a threat to safety (i.e. sharp, heavy items)

Tickets and wristbands:
Tickets are exchanged to special wristbands at the Ticket post (on the entrance to the festival). Transfer of the wristband to other individuals is strictly prohibited. Wristbands must remain intact at all times during the festival. Individuals without wristbands will have to say goodbye to their friends and leave the festival area.

A damaged or ripped wristband is held INVALID!

Campfire and grills can only be lit in areas specially designated for this purpose.
Campfires and grills in festival area are prohibited.

The festival is environmentally friendly, so please, try to follow the eco rules.
The camping area and the whole festival area will be equipped with trash cans – don’t be lazy to take a little walk and throw your garbage into a can.
If you ran out of trash bags, you can ask our volunteers for more.

Distribution of different types of advertisements without the written permission of the organizers of the festival is strictly prohibited.

The festival area will close at 1 pm on Sunday!

If any unforeseen circumstances arise, the organizers reserve the right to change the festival programme.